Miscellaneous Lego Creations
Some of my son's Lego creations from when he was younger.


His words: "These are Link (from The Legend of Zelda), Mario, and Robin Hood mini-figures that I made. They are some of my favorite video game and storybook characters so I thought it would be cool to make a mini-figure of each of them."


"This is a small city street layout that I made. I never really finished it, but I like it because it includes a Lego McDonalds."

"This is a little pool table that I made just for fun, and it makes a great edition to any Lego city layout."

"This is a interesting contraption that I made that I thought turned out pretty good. It is a enormous laser gun that has nothing to do with any movie or video game, but looks pretty cool (and whoever sits in the chair at the end of the gun has very little, if any, hope)."


"This is a model of a Stormtrooper head that I made; and I put a mini-figure of a Stormtrooper next to it so you could compare the two."