My Storage Solutions
I've hunted for the best, least expensive ways to store my stamping 
supplies, and after lots of tries I've stuck with these. They work 
very well, but if I run across a better solution for my needs I'll switch.
For now, these work great for me. I figured I'd share
them since I've gotten so much help from others who've
shared their ideas.


Cardstock Storage

2003 Cardstock Storage

Here is all of my SU! paper plus my whites and a few other things. I store any piece that's 1/2 sheet or larger here. I printed labels on the computer using .5" X 1.75" labels (#8167). I then punched out a sun (any small punch will do) in each color and glued it to the label.

Here is all of my other cardstock and other types of paper, including vellums, mulberries, and unusual papers.

2005 Cardstock Storage

Top drawer

Bottom drawer

(not the best solution, but what I'm using now - this file cabinet is too small. I bought it on sale at Target and was surprised at how inept it was.)

Cardstock Scrap Storage

This is my scrap box. It's actually a photo box I bought at Michael's (don't forget that 40% off coupon!). I made dividers (using cheap white cardstock I sized and cut to fit - I also made labels for the dividers like I did for the bigger sheets of cardstock) for all 48 SU! colors plus a few others I use regularly (like white, vellums, etc.). I store anything 1/4 sheet or less in this. It sits beside me where I stamp and I am able to easily put away all scraps I choose to keep when I'm done because it all has it's own place. This is a money saver, too, because I now check the scraps first when I need a small piece. It's so easy to find what I need!

Here's another view (more of a bird's eye view) so you can see it a little better. The vellum section is a bit lumpy because I crumbled it (wet it first if you try it!) for a card and decided not to use all of it.

Ribbon Storage

I keep smaller amounts of ribbon in this Plano storage container. It makes them easy to get to. The rest of the bigger spools I store in a drawer unit.

Stamp Storage

My stamp collection in 2003
(Scroll down for my current storage solution)

I was able to fit 72 stamp sets into these 2 drawers. The drawers are separate units. I'll need another one pretty soon! They stack very well. 

I put each row in order according to box size first, then sorted each row in alphabetical order. That way it's much quicker finding the set I need and the boxes nest well together.

Top drawer - the top drawer works pretty well, but the weight of the stamps makes pulling out the drawer a little tricky. I have to hold it a bit while getting something from the back. If I had something very heavy on top that would probably alleviate the problem. For now I make do.

Bottom drawer - no problems with the bottom drawer.

My stamp collection as of 2005
(it's grown a little)

I now have over 150 SU sets plus a whole drawer of non-SU stamps. I designed this simple shelving to alleviate the weight on the lower drawers of my 3-drawer units. My husband and son built it for me. These are Sterilite units on the shelves. I had tried stacking them on top of each other, but the bottom drawers were very hard to open with all that weight on them. They bowed a bit which affected their functionality. This 2-shelf solution is working out very well.

A typical drawer:

My solution for small and large stamp sets - combine them in a drawer:

How I handle most of my non-SU, unmounted stamps (this is the upper left drawer on the above units):

Wheel Storage

I no longer use this holder, but I'll leave it up as an idea. I now use Stampin' Up's wheel storage containers. This is a June Taylor Spindle Thread Rack I bought at Hobby Lobby. It would most likely be in any fabric store or fabric section of a store. The one with smaller dowels is the only one regular OR jumbo wheels will fit on. 

Ink Pad Storage

I was given this ink pad storage unit by my husband. I forget who he bought it from, but there are many companies out there now with nice storage units you can purchase.



Other Storage

I keep my single non-SU stamps in smaller plastic bins. I also store my EPs, PEs, RPs, bigger punches, etc. here. I keep track of my stamp sets by making copies of their stamp indexes (or of the actual stamps if I've bought them used) and then put them in page protectors in a 3-ring binder: